Discover The Benefits of Soft Tissue Adhesion Release 
Medical Massage for Lasting Results and The Keys to Living a Pain Free Life

My passion is to help people suffering from chronic and unresolved musculo-skeletal pain who have been over-promised and under-delivered in the past.

I am an expert at finding and fixing Scar Tissue 
(Soft Tissue Adhesion) 
while reducing inflammation, thus allowing for long-lasting pain relief.
The ultimate goal is to Make Chronic Injuries Obsolete without the use of drugs or injections.
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Liz Ratliff, L.M.T

The Big Three Pains

Over time, overworking a compromised area will cause major dysfunction in the way you're able to move. The Neck, Shoulder and Lower Back are
that typically get hit the hardest but are ALL treatable with My specialized technique.

Causes Of 
Soft Tissue Adhesion

Do you live at a desk? Work a physically demanding job? Carry tension all the time? 
Anytime a body part is overworked and over-tight it's more likely to become stuck. The body will detect chronically lower oxygen in the tissue, assume you need a scar, and deploy baby collagen cells to the area for structural support. It's like glue gets poured down into the muscle, but when this happens you will feel weaker and less flexible in that area. I find that instead of a singular "knot" floating in tissue, what is more likely is that the knot is sticking a muscle to another muscle, or fascia, or to a nerve. 

The Technique

To restore full range of motion, I use a three-step process involving proper Depth, Tension, and Motion. This shears off the adhesion from other structures to provide free, smooth movement making your tissue stronger, healthier, and more flexible. 
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